Race Nights

Race Nights Showcase

Race Nights Showcase

Race Nights Showcase

Our high quality race night equipment, including large screens, PA systems and full theming will ensure your guests have a night to remember!

Your race night...

Guests arrive to a fully themed room, including TOTE table, racing posts, white picket fencing, Tic Tac stand, 3ft horse heads, bunting, balloons and noise makers, with background music playing.

On arrival, guests are given a 'race card' and 10 'funny money' notes. They'll be invited to purchase a horse from the race card and become a horse owner for the evening - the cost of owning a horse is three 'funny money' notes. Horse owners will receive a VIP Owners badge and a jockey's hat. If you're the owner of a winning horse, you'll receive a bottle of champagne as a special prize.

Bets are then taken for the first race - authentically, TOTE staff dressed in racing silks will mingle with guests and invite them to place their bets.

Between six to eight races will take place and bets will be paid out. At the end of the evening the guest with the most 'funny money' will also receive a prize!


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